Best Pillow For Side Sleepers: Our Lab Tested Choices 2024

Side sleeping is a popular position, preferred by over half of adults. It has been associated with better spinal alignment, reduced snoring, and decreased back pain. However, having a comfortable side sleeping experience depends not only on the position but also on the quality and type of pillow. A good pillow for side sleepers should have a substantial loft that’s neither too high nor too low, supporting the neck and head while maintaining a neutral spinal alignment. Side sleepers typically need thicker pillows to fill the space between their head and neck. The key is to balance support and softness, ensuring that the pillow contours to the head and keeps the neck and spine aligned.

Pay close attention to signs such as waking up with stiffness in the neck and shoulders in the morning or frequently tossing and turning at night, as these may indicate that the pillow isn’t providing enough support. Pillows are available in various materials and types, including memory foam, down, down alternative, hybrid, latex, and cooling pillows. Each type has unique features, and personal preferences and specific needs, like temperature control, moldability, and ease of cleaning, can influence the choice. Some options even allow customization by adjusting the filling, adding another layer of personalization. After thorough research and hands-on testing, Our Team of experts and reviewers has identified and recommended a selection of pillows suitable for side sleepers like you. The testing process considers factors like shape retention, comfort, support, temperature regulation, ease of laundering, and durability. The goal is to assist side sleepers in finding the perfect pillow that provides comfort and ensures a good night’s sleep by giving correct posture and reducing the risk of discomfort or pain.

Top 5 Best Pillow For Side Sleepers – Quick Look

HIMOON Bed Pillows
Best Value
HIMOON Bed Pillows

Best Affordable

Pillow Cube Sidekick 
Best Overall
Pillow Cube Sidekick

Best height-specific

Coop Home Loft Bed pillows Queen Size
Best for Side Sleepers
Coop Home Loft Bed pillows Queen Size

Best Pillow Overall

GhostBed Medium Firm Memory Foam Pillow
Best for Combination Sleepers
GhostBed Medium Firm Memory Foam Pillow

Best cooling pillow

Purple Harmony Pillow
Our Pick
Purple Harmony Pillow

Best Durable Material

Best Value

Best Affordable Pillows For Side Sleepers

HIMOON Bed Pillows
9.5Our Score

Discover unparalleled luxury and support with HIMOON Bed Pillows. Certified by CertiPUR-US & GREENGUARD Gold, these soft microfiber pillows provide excellent comfort for side sleepers at an affordable price.


  • Luxurious Microfiber Cover
  • Certified Safe Materials
  • Balanced Support
  • Suitable for All Sleep Styles
  • Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Initial Odor
  • High Loft
  • Personal Preference

Check Price at AmazonHIMOON Bed Pillows offer ultimate luxury and comfort. Whether you’re a side, back, or stomach sleeper, This pillow has excellent support and softness to keep you comfortable all night, and skin friendly soft cover made of 100% microfiber fabric ensures a gentle touch against your skin, making it a delightful to rest your head on pillow. The smooth texture adds extra comfort and enhances the overall sleeping experience.
The filling material in the HIMOON Pillows is genuinely exceptional. Because this pillow is made of down like microfiber, providing the perfect fluffiness and support. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. What sets this pillow apart is its certification by premium organizations such as CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold. This means they meet stringent standards for quality and safety. Rest assured, knowing that these pillows are free from any peculiar smells or irritations. The balance between fluffy comfort and supportive structure makes these pillows a dream to sleep on. They provide excellent support to your head, neck, and shoulders, ensuring you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

Best Overall

Best height-specific pillow for side sleepers

Pillow Cube Sidekick
10Our Score

Experience better sleep on your side with Pillow Cube Sidekick, the supportive and cooling foam pillow designed to fill the pillow hole for neck and shoulder relief. Its 60° temperature regulating core keeps you cool all night, and with size options to fit your needs, satisfaction is guaranteed.


  • Supportive for Neck and Shoulders
  • Cooling Carbon Core
  • Designed for Side Sleepers
  • Customizable Size (6 inches)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Not Suitable for Non-Side Sleepers
  • Limited Size Options (Only 6 inches)
  • May Not Fit All Sleep Preferences

Check Price at AmazonPillow Cube Sidekick is designed for side sleepers to provide unparalleled support and comfort. Unlike regular pillows that often leave a gap between your neck and shoulder, the Pillow Cube fills that pillow hole, effectively alleviating neck and shoulder pain caused by unsupportive or thin pillows. Pillow Cube takes your sleep experience to the next level with its cooling foam core. With its innovative 60° temperature regulating carbon core, all six sides of the Pillow Cube remain cool, ensuring a blissful and undisturbed night’s sleep. I have added this pillow to my top 10 best pillow for side sleeper list because it is Crafted especially for side sleepers. It provides the ultimate support and comfort, making your quest for a better night’s sleep a reality. The most important thing is pillow size. While most side sleepers love the 5 inch pillow, I understand that some may require more support, especially if you have broader shoulders. That’s why this pillow created the 6 inch Pillow Cube Sidekick. It offers extra support for a more customized sleep experience. Its compact size also makes it ideal for travel, naps, or anyone who prefers staying in one position during sleep.

Best for Side Sleepers

Best Pillow For Side Sleepers Overall

Coop Home pillows Queen Size
9Our Score

Achieve personalized support and comfort, suitable for side, back, or stomach sleepers, with CertiPUR-US/GREENGUARD Gold certified materials for a restful, refreshing sleep.


  • Customizable Support
  • Restful Sleep
  • High Quality Materials
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Made in USA


  • Memory Foam Odor
  • Adjustment Period
  • Limited Fill Adjustment

Check Price at AmazonThis adjustable memory foam pillow caters to your specific comfort preferences, ensuring a personalized and restful night’s sleep. Discover the power of customization with innovative coop pillow designs. Rest assured, Coop Home Pillows experience rigorous third-party lab testing. They are both CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold certified, ensuring no harmful chemicals compromise your sleep environment. Crafted with the utmost care, we use only the finest materials. The pillowcase is made from our proprietary Lulltra fabric, a viscose rayon and polyester blend. This combination provides excellent breathability and a soft touch, contributing to your overall comfort. Unlike other pillows that rely on repurposed materials, we take pride in freshly manufacturing our foam. And as a bonus, each order includes a 0.5 lb bag of extra fill, should you desire a higher loft. Embrace quality made in the USA with domestic and imported materials. Elevate your sleep experience with the Coop Home Goods Original Loft Pillow – your key to a personalized and rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Best for Combination Sleepers

Best cooling pillow for side sleepers

GhostBed Memory Foam Pillow
8.9Our Score

Stay cool and comfortable with the GhostBed Medium Firm Memory Foam Pillow. It’s cutting-edge cooling technology and ergonomic design ensure pain-free, supportive sleep for side, stomach, and back sleepers. Easy care and premium packaging enhance your pillow experience.


  • Cutting-Edge Cooling Technology
  • Moisture-Wicking Performance
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Durable Memory Foam Core
  • Easy Care


  • Not Adjustable
  • Initial Odor Possible
  • Standard Size Only

Check Price at AmazonGhostBed Memory Foam Pillow is designed to provide optimal support while keeping you cool throughout the night. It features patented phase change technology that responds to your body heat, ensuring you stay relaxed and comfortable as you sleep. The cool burst airflow technology combined with moisture wicking performance fabric takes your comfort to the next level, providing a refreshing sensation and keeping your head and neck dry. Pillow ergonomic design keeps your spine aligned and your head properly supported without straining your neck. I’m a side sleeper too, so I’m always worrying about constantly fluffing a pillow. But this pure gel cooling pillow maintains its shape, ensuring lasting support without collapsing overnight. The exterior is plush and cushy, offering a luxurious feel that doesn’t require constant adjustments. The removable cover with a zipper makes cleaning and care a breeze. Elevate your sleep experience today. Transform your nights into a restful and revitalizing journey with the GhostBed Medium Firm Memory Foam Pillow. Your path to better sleep starts here.

Top Pick

My Personal Favorite Pillow For Side Sleepers

Purple Harmony Pillow
9.8Our Score

Discover the innovative Purple Harmony Pillow, featuring no pressure support from its GelFlex layer and Talalay latex core. Stay cool with the temperature neutral design all night and enjoy its durable, hypoallergenic materials, backed by a 1 year warranty.


  • No-Pressure Support
  • Stays Cool All Night
  • Durable Materials
  • Innovative USA Design
  • Hypoallergenic Materials


  • Tall Size Only
  • May Not Suit All Sleepers
  • Limited Warranty

Check Price at AmazonExperience the unmatched comfort of the Purple Harmony Pillow because it’s designed to provide the ultimate sleep experience. Its honeycombed GelFlex layer and Talalay latex core work together to cradle and support your head and neck, ensuring you sleep soundly regardless of your preferred sleep position. Its temperature neutral, airy Grid, ventilated latex, and moisture wicking mesh cover create a dream unit that promotes continuous airflow. Durability is a vital feature of the Purple Harmony Pillow. Crafted from high quality materials, it maintains its shape and support over extended use, allowing you to enjoy its exceptional comfort night after night. Engineered with precision and care, this Pillow is proudly invented in the USA. Born in our Innovations Lab in Alpine, Utah, and utilizing the GelFlex Grid Hex layer produced in our U.S. factory, this Pillow showcases American craftsmanship at its finest. Your health and well-being are a priority. That’s why Harmony Pillow is crafted from 100% nontoxic GelFlex Grid material, certified by CleanAir GOLD and CertiPUR-US. This makes it a safe choice for individuals with allergies, as it’s made from recyclable, food grade, and food contact grade materials. If you encounter any issues within the first year from the date of purchase, we’re here to replace your Pillow.

User Choice

Best User Choice

Pillow Cube Side Cube Pro
8.5Our Score

Sleep soundly on Pillow Cube Side Cube Pro, the most popular memory foam pillow for side sleepers. Experience neck and shoulder support, cooling comfort, and improved sleep with its 60° temperature regulating carbon core, designed to fit your size and height for a perfect night’s rest.


  • Neck and Shoulder Support
  • Cooling Technology
  • Promotes Side Sleep
  • Popular Size (5″)
  • Customizable Size Options


  • Limited Size Range
  • May Not Suit All Heights
  • Non-Adjustable Loft

Check Price at AmazonPillow Cube Side Cube Pro is a unique solution for side sleepers seeking unparalleled comfort and precise support. Designed to address the unique needs of side sleepers, this cooling memory foam pillow relieves your head and neck, ensuring uninterrupted sleep and helping alleviate discomfort. Traditional pillows often leave side sleepers with a noticeable gap between their neck and shoulder, leading to discomfort and pain. That’s why pillow Cube comes to the rescue by filling that gap with tailored support. This design helps alleviate neck and shoulder pain from unsupportive or thin pillows, eliminating the need to fold or bunch up pillows to find relief. Its temperature regulating carbon core keeps it consistently cool at around 60°, minimizing the need to flip the pillow for the cool side. With all six sides of the Pillow Cube designed to provide a cooling sensation, restless nights of pillow flipping have become a thing of the past. Size plays a crucial role in comfort, and the Pillow Cube Side Cube Pro understands that. With a 5″ thickness, it’s optimized for most individuals, particularly those within the height range of 5’3″ to 6’3″. For guidance, helpful images and a sizing video are available to ensure the perfect fit.

Why Our Advice is Trustworthy

Our team consists of experts with years of experience in testing and researching pillows and sleeping products. We genuinely care about meeting every sleeper’s needs, including considering all body types and sleeping positions. Whether you’re a side or stomach sleeper, we’ve got you covered. To identify the best pillows for side sleepers, we closely listen to the feedback from those who primarily sleep on their sides. Their input is incredibly valuable to us. But that’s not all! We go the extra mile by gathering insights from individuals who sleep on their back, stomach, and in various positions. By doing so, we ensure that we cater to everyone’s requirements. When we recommend something, rest assured it’s not just a random guess. Our suggestions are based on real experiences and lots of careful consideration. We genuinely want you to have a great sleep, so you can trust us to give you the best advice. Sleep tight.

Our Process for Evaluating Pillows

We pay special attention to side sleeping. But we don’t stop there! We also ask our product testers to switch positions and see if the pillow feels as comfy as other sleeping styles. It’s all about finding that perfect fit for everyone. And guess what? The pillows you see listed above are the absolute best ones. How do we know? It’s all based on their most favorable ratings during our rigorous tests. You can see the rating from 1 to 10. Pillows receiving a 10 are the absolute best, regardless of your sleeping position. We take our job seriously to ensure you get the top picks that guarantee a fantastic night’s sleep. 


Sleeping on your side is a popular choice for every Side sleeper. I write this blog on the best pillow for side sleepers to help them pick the best pillow for sleeping on their side. It will help them decide better and offer advantages that deeply resonate with various emotions and needs. Picture the serenity of a night’s sleep undisturbed by snores or sleep apnea and the relief from acid reflux discomfort. Choosing the right pillow is key. It should be a source of practicality and emotion, much like a reliable friend offering unwavering comfort. Material matters, too, with options like foam or latex providing consistent support. Finding your perfect pillow is an experience tailored to your emotions and preferences. You can create your sleep oasis with various choices like memory foam and feathers. Ultimately, selecting the ideal pillow harmonizes support, comfort, and your yearnings for rejuvenating sleep, guiding you to a night of tranquil slumber you genuinely deserve.


Why do side sleepers need a specific type of pillow?
Side sleepers require a specific type of pillow due to their distinct sleeping posture. They need a pillow with proper neck, shoulder, and head support to uphold spinal alignment and prevent muscle strain or discomfort.

What should I consider when buying a pillow for side sleeping?
Key factors include height or loft, firmness, material, and adjustability. Side sleepers usually require a pillow with a higher loft and firmer support to bridge the gap between the shoulder and neck. Memory foam or latex pillows are often recommended for their contouring properties.

What is the best material for a pillow for side sleepers?
Memory foam and latex are frequently suggested due to their pressure relieving and contouring properties. They conform to the shape of your head and neck, delivering personalized support.

Are contoured pillows good for side sleepers?
Yes, contoured pillows can be excellent for side sleepers. They are designed to align with the natural curve of your neck, providing optimum support and reducing the risk of neck pain or stiffness.


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